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Concrete mixer truck safety operation procedures

1. Mixers after starting the engine, should make the mixing drum under the low-speed rotation about 10 minutes, the hydraulic oil temperature rise to more than 20 ℃ rear can work.
2. Shipment truck mixer concrete mixture, stirring drum rotational speed is 2 to 10 revolutions per minute, in the process of transportation, the mixing drum speed ensure smooth surfaces in 2-3 RPM, leaning on the side slope is greater than 50 road, or move from larger pavement, should stop stirring rotation, again after waiting for conditions to improve mixing rotation.
3. Transport concrete mixer truck concrete time can't exceed the time set by the station.Deliver concrete way, mixing tube shall not be shut down for a long time, in case the concrete segregation phenomenon.The driver should always observe the concrete situation, report if any abnormal operation department, application to deal with.
4. Equipped with concrete mixer truck cart, the stagnation period shall not exceed 1 hour at the scene, such as overtime should immediately give timely treatment, head of the on site.
5. Transport truck mixer concrete slump is not less than 8 cm.From the concrete into the tank to the discharge, high temperature shall not exceed 2 hours must discharge, wet weather at low temperature, not more than 2.5 hours.
6. Mixers before discharge concrete, should make the mixing barrel under 10-12 RPM speed rotation for 1 minute, and then to discharge.

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