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The solution JS series concrete mixer shaft end slurry

     JS series concrete mixer shaft end leak slurry is caused by high temperature friction and long time stress.
    Concrete mixer shaft end slurry is because in the long time work, mixer floating seal damage caused.
    Concrete mixer shaft end is a stress concentration area.Concrete mixer in the workplace, the shaft end largest stress, therefore, the wear and tear of spare parts is appropriate.In a timely manner to the concrete mixer shaft end parts for maintenance and maintenance, timely replacement of seals.Life can be lengthened concrete mixer.If the concrete mixer shaft end slurry leakage, must be timely replacement of the new floating seal.
    JS series concrete mixer is dual-axial concrete mixing console, with convenient installation, reliable performance, can form a complete set of commodity concrete mixing station, station engineering products use, applicable to all kinds of large and medium-sized prefabricated file and roads, Bridges, water conservancy, port and other industrial and civil construction projects.Can stir the lightweight aggregate concrete and all kinds of mortar, can be harsh concrete stir (but at this time should be according to the actual situation appropriate decrease mixing party), is a kind of efficient models.

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