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How to make a Concrete Batching Plant get a longer working life

    Concrete mixing plant is a cumbersome and thorough removal work. In the relocation process necessary to ensure the equipment without damage, but also to ensure the smooth installation test machine, the two will result in lack of a concrete mixing plant demolition company can not smooth, professional production base on the mixing equipment - ZHENGZHOU UNIQUE INDUSTRIAL Equipment Co., Ltd. Based on years of production practice and lessons learned from user feedback, we move into the following general steps:

1, remove the previous test: the mixing plant removed, we will send officers to the scene of the equipment usage and the functioning of the system of inspection, to avoid the demolition process of the unintended damage to the various components in the relocation process to protect the availability of relocation conditions.

2, removal of the former maintenance: To ensure the normal operation of equipment, we remove the device before cleaning and oiling the overall maintenance, to ensure the lubrication of the machinery in place to prepare for the move, the general need to check the main site: host powder said discharge door, running the shaft lubrication, the host discharging doors, powder silos and screw with or without shaking Chen material, powder discharge port warehouse, the measurement of the discharge port and said discharge valve, batching machine unloading entrance and exit, the appearance of other parts of the mixing station.

3, the electrical control system and gas road demolition: electrical control station in the heart of a package, or by professionals in the demolition of the electrical system more familiar with the mixing plant personnel, the electrical system is divided into electric and control lines, including strong electric motor the cable, the control circuit is its solenoid valve, limit sensor lines, control lines, there is the control system within the embrace of the control line, strong cabinet and console connection to the circuit, remove a planned, step by step , the sensor should be prepared to reasonable protection, if necessary, to remove the save.

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