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How to operate the concrete batching plant safely

How to operate the concrete batching plant safely
1, mixing station should be installed on a solid pedestal.

2, mixer console, the operator should be able to see the work of the ministries. Electric mixer console, should be fitted rubber sheet or dry wood.

3, when the hopper to the lowest position between the hopper and the ground, should add a layer of buffer skids.

4, focus on examination of the job before the project shall meet the following requirements:

a. Lift the power supply voltage increases do not exceed 5% of the rated value;

b. Motors and electrical components wiring firmly protect access to zero or ground resistance compliance;

c. Each drive mechanism work, brakes are tight and reliable, open gears, pulleys, etc. are protective cover;

d. Oil gearbox oil to meet the requirements.

e. Check the air compressor self-protection device is normal, the pressure is stable between 0.5-0.7Mpa.

f. Check the metering hopper is in a free state, with or without the occurrence of interference.

5, before the job, you should start the mixer load operation. Should confirm the direction of rotation of the blade or the mixing tube is consistent with the direction indicated by the arrow on the cylinder. To reverse the material mixer, mixing tube should be positive, the reverse operation for several minutes, and there should be no impact judder and abnormal noise.

6, before the job should be carried out hopper lift test, should be observed and confirmed the clutch, brake flexible and reliable.

7, when the feed is prohibited between the head or hand into the hopper and chassis. Operation, prohibited by hand or tool into the cylinder Grilled stirred loading or unloading.

8, the mixer operation, when the hopper is raised, and forbids any person or by staying in the hopper; When you need to repair or clean-up material in the pit under the hopper, bucket elevator shall then insert the pin with chains or locked.

9, the stirring tube feeding should be in operation, adding new material should be stirred first cylinder of the original concrete all can be carried out after unloading.

10, the job should be observed mechanical operation, when the bearing temperature is too high or abnormal phenomenon, should stop to check; when the required maintenance, stirring concrete cylinder should be cleaned and then in

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