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Sewage Disposal of concrete mixing plant (2)

Sewage Disposal of concrete mixing plant (2)

1. Concrete mixing plant construction machinery and equipment waste water, waste oil and domestic sewage shall not be directly discharged into rivers, lakes or other waters, nor shall be discharged into the vicinity of drinking water. According to the concrete mixing plant site conditions reasonable layout, build waste water sedimentation tank and car wash pool, laying drainage system, set clearly marked; set a reasonable three or more filter pool on the sewage discharge. Sewage discharge program to be planning and design, set up multi-stage sedimentation tank, through the precipitation filter, to discharge standards. Toilet sewage through the centralized pipeline into the septic tank, closed treatment.

2. Should be set according to the needs of motor vehicles, equipment, irrigation facilities, drainage ditch and sedimentation tank, construction sewage treatment standards can be discharged into the municipal sewage pipe network or river.

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